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This is a list of confirmed deaths in every season and episode of Bates Motel.


The main list encompasses people who were killed on-screen during the series or their deaths happened in the episode they died in. Those that died in-between seasons or animals killed on the show are listed at the bottom of the page.

Season One

Total Number Victim Cause of Death Killer Episode
1 1 Sam Bates Hit over the head with a blender Norman Bates First You Dream, Then You Die
2 2 Keith Summers Stabbed multiple times in the chest Norma Bates First You Dream, Then You Die
3-4 3-4 Jerry Martin & Town Man Both burned alive; Jerry dies in the hospital days later. Town Man hung upside-down from a street light. Gil Turner Nice Town You Picked, Norma...
5 5 Ethan Chang Shot once in the neck Tweaker Ocean View
6 6 Tweaker Run over with Ethan's truck Dylan Massett Ocean View
7 7 Zack Shelby Shot once in the leg, eye, and twice in the chest Dylan Massett The Truth
8 8 Jake Abernathy Shot four times in the chest Alex Romero Midnight
9 9 Blaire Watson Slashed her throat Norman Bates Midnight

Season Two

Total Number Victim Cause of Death Killer Episode
10 1 Gil Turner Shot once in the head Bradley Martin Gone But Not Forgotten
11 2 Johnny B Shot twice in the chest Zane Morgan Shadow of a Doubt
12-13 3-4 Paco & Tony Shot to death Nick Ford's hitmen Caleb
14 5 Lee Berman Killed and staged to look like a car accident Nick Ford's hitmen Check-Out
15 6 Jimmy Brennen Pushed down a flight of stairs Norman Bates Plunge
16-23 7-14 Dave Wilson's son & 7 Ford workers Shot to death Zane Morgan, Remo Wallace, Chuck, Sid & Iggy Presumed Innocent
24 15 Nick Ford Sliced in the face with a fireplace poker Dylan Massett The Box
25 16 Jodi Morgan Shot twice in the chest Zane Morgan The Immutable Truth
26-29 17-20 Chuck, Sid, Iggy, & Zane Morgan Shot to death Alex Romero The Immutable Truth

Season Three

Total Number Victim Cause of Death Killer Episode
30 1 Francine Calhoun Natural causes None A Death in the Family
31 2 Lindsay Davis Unknown Bob Paris The Arcanum Club
32 3 Annika Johnson Shot once in the stomach Bob Paris Persuasion
33 4 Clay DuFont Shot once in the head Bob Paris The Deal
34 5 Marcus Young Shot once in the head Alex Romero Norma Louise
35-37 6-8 Pierre & 2 gunrunners Shot to death Caleb Calhoun The Pit
38 9 Gunrunner Shot once in the head Dylan Massett The Pit
39 10 Bob Paris Shot three times in the chest and once in the throat Alex Romero Unconscious
40 11 Bradley Martin Head bashed repeatedly on a rock Norman Bates Unconscious

Season Four

Total Number Victim Cause of Death Killer Episode
41 1 Audrey Ellis Strangled with her own scarf Norman Bates A Danger to Himself and Others
42 2 Norma Bates Carbon monoxide poisoning Norman Bates Forever

Season Five

Total Number Victim Cause of Death Killer Episode
43 1 Jim Blackwell Stabbed repeatedly Norman Bates Dark Paradise
44 2 Caleb Calhoun Accidentally run over with a car Chick Hogan Bad Blood
45 3 Sam Loomis Stabbed repeatedly in the shower Norman Bates Marion
46 4 Chick Hogan Shot once in the head Alex Romero The Body
47 5 Alex Romero Shot twice in the chest Norman Bates The Cord
48 6 Norman Bates Shot once in the chest Dylan Massett The Cord

Not Included

These are people who weren't confirmed dead or last seen in perilous situations. Some characters may have died before a season started and are listed down here too. Animals that have died over the series are also listed here as well.

Season One

  • Ray Calhoun, Norma's father, passed away prior to the beginning of the series.
  • Li-Mui was accidentally killed by a drug overdose given by an unknown man and her body was buried near a cabin by fellow sex slaves, including Jiao, prior to the beginning of the series.
  • Juno the dog was run over with a car by an unnamed man in the episode The Man in Number 9.

Season Two

  • Three of Kyle Miller's customers were killed by tainted drugs that Kyle sold to them before the second season.
  • Kyle killed his ex-girlfriend Carly Walters before the beginning of the second season.
  • Cat's husband died in a car accident sometime prior to the episode Caleb.

Season Three

Season Five

  • Gregg Edwards is revealed to have gone missing a year and a half prior to the start of the fifth season and it is implied that Norman killed him since he was seen reading a newspaper that bore a headline mentioning that citizens had raised concerns over Pineview's security and "Mother" had warned him during his stay in Pineview in the fourth season that he should not be revealing so much about his past in their therapy sessions.


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