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Gregg Edwards
Gregg Edwards
Portrayed by: Damon Gupton
First appearance: A Danger to Himself and Others
Age: 40s
Status: Alive
Home: White Pine Bay, Oregon
Occupation: Doctor at the Pineview Institute
Significant Other/s: Vicki Monroe (colleague)
Ginny (colleague)
Nurse Penny (colleague)
Oliver (colleague)
Luther (colleague)
Chris (colleague)
Jake (colleague)
Norman Bates (patient)
Julian Howe (patient)

Gregg Edwards is the resident doctor at the Pineview Institute. He walks a fine line between professional curiosity and personal investment in his patients’ lives.


Season 4

As Norma was leaving the Pineview Institute after attempting to get Norman some help, she met Gregg Edwards and they chatted about Norman. He gave her his card and told her to call his secretary, but Norma attempted to charm him and he admitted he was gay. However, he told her they would talk again. (A Danger to Himself and Others)

During his therapy sessions with Norman, Gregg Edwards asked him about his history and his relationship with Norma. At first, Norman blamed her for him being there but later stated that she was the most wonderful mother in the world. After being locked in solitary confinement following Norma's visit, Norman told Gregg Edwards that his mother was really the one who was insane and when the latter responded that such an accusation could be reported to the police, Norman said he knew. ('Til Death Do You Part)

When Norman said that he and Norma have a close mother-son bond, Dr. Edwards was suspicious as Norman explained that the reason for their closeness ws because of his father's death and they only had each other after that. Dr. Edwards realized that Norman's problem was Norma. Later, he received a call from the police telling him that Norman's accusations were not grounded in reality and he said that Norman admitted the truth.

When Norman met again with Dr. Edwards, he told him how he was being helpful in group and was in a good mood as Norma came to see him. Dr. Edwards gently asked if it was possible he imagined his mother being there but Norman was adamant that the encounter was real. Dr. Edwards said that he knew that Norman called Norma when he asked to call Emma and that he received an e-mail with the visitor log every day but Norma's name wasn't on it. Norman got upset and believed Dr. Edwards was checking up on him. He freaked out and tried to leave until Dr. Edwards managed to calm him down so they could finish their session. When Dr. Edwards questioned him again, he realized that Norman had slipped into his "Mother" persona and that "she" thought that Norman was "a weak boy who is easy to take advantage of". (Refraction)

In another therapy session, Dr. Edwards asked Norman if he was familiar with Dissociative Identity Disorder, but Norman wasn't. Dr. Edwards explained that when a child suffered trauma they would go into themselves as a way of coping. (The Vault)

After Norman learned that Norma and Romero had married, he told people that he would be leaving Pineview and although Dr. Edwards tried to stop him, he eventually gave in and said he would sign the release papers on condition that they continue to meet three times a week, which Norman agreed to. (There's No Place Like Home)

The day after turning the ax on Romero, Norman met with Dr. Edwards and ranted that Romero wanted him committed so that he could have Norma all to himself. (Forever)

Season 5

While Norman was in town he encountered Dr. Edwards and joined him for a coffee. Norman apologized for stopping their therapy sessions and Dr. Edwards was aware that he was no longer taking his meds since he had not been notified for a prescription in a year and a half. Although Norman lied about Norma's death, he reminded Norman that he saw things that were not really there. (Dreams Die First)

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