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Jake Abernathy
Jake Abernathy
First appearance: The Man in Number 9
Latest appearance: Midnight
Age: 50's
Status: Deceased
Home: White Pine Bay, Oregon
Occupation: Sex Slave Business
Significant Other/s: Keith Summers (secret partner, deceased)
Zack Shelby (secret partner, deceased)
You wanna play? We'll play!

–Jake to Norma Bates, A Boy and His Dog

Jake Abernathy, or Joe Fioretti, was a mysterious man and the main villian of season 1 who had multiple different aliases and stayed at the Seafairer Motel on agreement with Keith Summers every other month. He was the orchestrator of the sex slave business which was enforced by Keith and Zack Shelby (he sold slaves to people in White Pine Bay).

He was first introduced in the seventh episode of the first season, The Man in Number 9. In the tenth episode, Midnight, he was killed by Alex Romero.


Abernathy appeared at the motel, asking Dylan Massett where Keith Summers was, and Dylan told him that he has died. Later in the episode, he was shown trying to get into the ninth room of the hotel, but he could not. He offered Norma a lot of money to be able to enter the same deal he had with Keith when he owned the motel and it was called the Seafairer Motel. (The Man In Number 9)

Abernathy found Norma following him and taunted her with whatever Zack Shelby had owed him, and she didn't know. She kicked him out of the motel a few days later. Sometime in between then and a few nights later, he dug up the corpse of Shelby and put it in Norma's bed. (A Boy And His Dog)

Abernathy showed up in the back of Norma's car as she was about to leave from a parking lot and demanded that she give him the $150,000 that Shelby owed him the next night at the pier or else he would kill her sons and herself. (Underwater)

Abernathy called Norma just after she let Norman and Emma go to the dance to remind her of their appointment. When it is midnight, he found Alex Romero there instead and he was shot multiple times by Romero, falling into the water and dying. (Midnight)

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