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Jodi Morgan
Portrayed by: Kathleen Robertson
First appearance: The Escape Artist
Latest appearance: The Immutable Truth
Died: 2013
Age: 20s
Status:  Deceased
Home: White Pine Bay, Oregon
Relatives: Zane Morgan (brother)†
Gil Turner (uncle/employee)†
Significant Other/s: Dylan Massett (employee)

Jodi Morgan was the beautiful, mysterious head of one of the drug families in White Pine Bay. She was trapped in denial and in a family business for which she was not emotionally built.


Season 2

Jodi appeared in Dylan Massett's hospital room after he was run over by a car. She thanked him for saving the life of her brother, Zane Morgan, and mentioned that she just wanted to "meet the famous Dylan Massett". He asked her who she was, and she responded, "I'm your boss". (The Escape Artist)

Jodi took Dylan to her house so that he would be safe for the next few days. She told him about the history of the business, and showed him the plants that she kept (illegally). She then asked him to keep an eye on Zane. Later, when Dylan was asleep, she woke him up by whispering in his ear and beginning to kiss him. Then she slept with him. (Plunge)

Jodi discussed the drug war with Zane and Dylan. Dylan later warned her of oncoming danger and as they hugged, she gave him permission to kill Zane. (Meltdown)

Dylan went to see Jodi at her house and told her that he was looking for Zane. Jodi was visibly surprised by this but could tell Dylan was ready to carry out the deed, so Dylan told her to make up her mind on whether she would let him kill Zane or not. (The Box)

Jodi invited Zane to her house to talk, this was a set up. Romero and Dylan were with her waiting at for Zane to kill him. Zane brought men that Romero fought off. Zane confronted Jodi while Dylan waited upstairs for her. The confrontation between Zane and Jodi then evolved into an argument, Jodi sliced Zane's arm when Dylan distracted him but, Zane killed Jodi by shooting her twice in the chest. (The Immutable Truth)


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