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Richard Slymore
Portrayed by: Richard Harmon
First appearance: First You Dream, Then You Die
Latest appearance: Midnight
Status: Alive
Home: White Pine Bay, Oregon
Occupation: Student (White Pine Bay High School)
Significant Other/s: Bradley Martin (girlfriend)

Norman Bates (rival)

Richard Slymore is Norman Bates' high school rival and the boyfriend of Bradley Martin.


Season 1Edit

Richard is a friend/boyfriend of Bradley Martin. He first meets Norman Bates in First You Dream, Then You Die at a party and at school the next day when Norman vomits.

In Nice Town You Picked, Norma..., Richard is already at the hospital with Bradley when Norman arrives.

In Midnight, Richard took Norman outside of the dance at school after he saw Norman looking at Bradley a few times and punched him in the face.


  • Richard Harmon saw Psycho for the first time with some friends and a day later he got an email about Bates Motel. Source

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