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Sam Loomis
Sam Loomis
Portrayed by: Austin Nichols
First appearance: Dark Paradise
Age: 20s-30s
Status: Alive
Home: Seattle, Washington
Occupation: Real estate developer
Significant Other/s: Madeleine Loomis (wife)
Marion Crane (affair)

Sam Loomis is a real estate developer and the husband of White Pine Bay resident Madeleine Loomis, who he is cheating on with another woman. This causes him tension with Bates Motel owner Norman Bates who has gotten friendly with Madeleine and knows about Sam's deceit. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the final season.


Season 5

Sam arrived at the motel looking for a room to rent to be told by Norman Bates that he could only book a room, which he did giving an alias. Norman gave him the key to Room #1 and when he checked in Norman went into the office, removed the painting from the wall, which revealed a large peephole and he spied on Sam having sex with an unknown person. (Dark Paradise)

Sam met Madeleine and Norman in a coffee shop and revealed that he was visiting from Seattle where he worked. He later visited Norman at the motel and warned him not to breathe a word about his affair to Madeleine but Norman remained unfazed, even picking on him in front of an oblivious Madeleine and Joanne during their double date. (The Convergence of the Twain)

While enjoying a rendez-vous with Marion, he discussed possible marriage plans and said he would sort out all of his debt so that they could be together. However, when she phoned him that evening, he told her not to meet at his house since Madeleine was there, lying that his roommate did not permit guests. When he hung up, Madeleine asked who she was and he realized that she knew about his affair. (Dreams Die First)


  • John Gavin portrayed Sam Loomis in the 1960 Alfred Hitchock film Psycho in which he was already divorced and owned the hardware store (which his wife Madeline runs in the series).


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