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Theresa Reyas
Theresa Reyas
First appearance: The Last Supper (mentioned)
Dark Paradise (pyschical)
Status: Deceased
Relatives: Mr. Romero (husband)
Alex Romero (son)
Unnamed woman (first daughter-in-law)
Norma Bates (second daughter-in-law)†
Norman Bates (step-grandson)
Dylan Massett (step-grandson)

Theresa Reyas is the late wife of Mr. Romero and the mother of Sheriff Alex Romero. She died sometime before the start of the series.


Season 3

After discovering his mother's name on the ledger from the flash drive, Romero visited his father at the Oregon Division of Corrections, where he was serving time. Romero ordered him to take his mother's name off the ledger and his father said that Romero was still blaming him for his mother's death.

When Norma took Romero back to the motel after he asked her to pick him up from outside a bar, she put him to bed in one of the rooms and he told her that his mother had committed suicide 22 years before and that his father had put her name on the ledger so that he continue sneaking the drug money into the prison. (The Last Supper)

Season 5

A photograph of her with Romero as a child was seen on the wall of his cell next to the photograph of him and Norma taken at the winter festival soon after their marriage. (Dark Paradise)

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