Hello! I know that many people didn't like Bates Motel: After Hoursthe aftershow that aired with Gone But Not ForgottenPersonally, I didn't watch it. But I read on the IMDB message board for Bates Motel that next week, after The Immutable Truththere will be another episode of it. I intend to watch it. Must be some kind of "goodbye Season 2" thing. I'm hoping for some Season 3 details...

I know that, since the first After Hours was considered crappy by most Bates Motel fans, some of you don't care and won't be watching it. I just made this blog post to announce it, just in case anyone is interested.

By the way, I also would like to mention once again that edits and expansion to the Norman Bates would be greatly appreciated (in the biography section). Hopefully, by Season 3, the page will be full of info and no longer lacking. Thank you in advance, fellow Wiki users.

-TheLorax (yes, I know that my username is crappy.....maybe calling me TL would be better)

EDIT: It's officially happening. New host, cool guests (Emma, Romero, everyone cool), and's a link to an article about it: