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Zack Shelby
Zack shelby
Portrayed by: Mike Vogel
First appearance: First You Dream, Then You Die
Latest appearance: The Truth
A Boy and His Dog (corpse)
Age: 30's
Status: Deceased
Home: White Pine Bay, Oregon
Occupation: Deputy of White Pine Bay Police Department
Sex slave business
Significant Other/s: Alex Romero (boss)
Norma Bates (ex-lover)
Jake Abernathy (secret boss)†
Keith Summers (secret partner)†
Maggie Summers (secret partner)

Zack Shelby was a young, handsome, clear-eyed deputy of the White Pine Bay Police Department but was the main villian of the first half of season 1. He was almost immediately attracted to Norma Bates and found himself drawn into her life and wanting to take care of her. He was often partnered with Sheriff Alex Romero.


Season 1Edit

After Shelby and Romero visited the Bates Motel once (soon after the murder of Keith Summers), he quickly developed feelings for Norma. (First You Dream, Then You Die)

After Norma and Norman Bates dumped Summers' body into the bay, Shelby and Romero found Summers' hand in the lake. There were carpet fibers caught in the watchband, and Norma and Norman were changing the carpets in the motel when Shelby and Romero had visited. The next day, Shelby and Romero returned to the motel with a search warrant. Shelby found Summers' belt underneath Norman's bed and hid it from Romero to protect Norma.

Shelby and Norma's relationship developed, but he never earned Norman's trust. Norman broke into Shelby's house one night and found Jiao locked up in the basement. (What's Wrong With Norman)

Norman and Emma Decody eventually freed Jiao from Shelby's enslavement and took her back to the motel, where they convinced Norma of Shelby's involvement in the sex slave business. (Ocean View)

Shelby visited Norma one night at the motel, when he discovered Jiao in one of the rooms. He pulled out a gun, pushed Norma to the ground and chased after Jiao through the woods. When Shelby returned, he held Norma, Norman and Dylan Massett at gunpoint in their house, where he yelled at and physically abused Norma for "betraying" him. In an attempt to protect his mother, Norman attacked Shelby, which caused him to drop the gun he had earlier confinscated from Dylan. Dylan grabbed the gun, Norma ran outside with Norman, and Dylan engaged in a gunfight with Shelby. Dylan eventually prevailed and killed Shelby. (The Truth)

Shelby's boss, Jake Abernathy came to the Bates Motel only to continue the sex slave business. Norma kicked him out of her motel and later he came back to threaten her by placing Shelby's corpse in her bedroom, the cops took Shelby's corpse away again. (A Boy and His Dog)



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